Key: Assignments  |  Presentations  |  Readings  Field Trips  |  Evening Events

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Things to Note:

  • Class meets 9:00 to 12:00 M,T,W,F. We may occasionally run over, but not more than half an hour.
  • The films listed here are tentative. I’ve uncovered a trove of new films, which I’m apt to explore with you.
  • Save each Thursday for a required field shoot. I’ve listed the tentative sites on the schedule.
  • Besides regular class meetings, there will be an Ethnographic Film Festival each Tuesday evening from 7-9pm in Gregory 161.  You must attend 3 of the 4 sessions.  The festival will be open to the public.
  • You will present your final projects to the public on Thursday, May 30th, from 7-9 pm in Gregory 161. Bring your friends!