Videos, slide shows, and links to resources on the ‘net.


  • Sepik River ceremony shot by Edmund Carpenter in the 1960s (on YouTube). Carpenter filmed a Kandangan initiation ceremony, a project enthusiastically embraced by the villagers.  It shows how “traditional” people can use media to transform their own culture.
  • “Reading an Image in the Other Context”  A visual essay by Paul Jenkins (on Vimeo).  This essay traces uses photographs from the Basil Missionary Archives to trace the complex social relationships between the royalty and the missions in Akwapim, the traditional Akon Kingdom in Ghana.
  • Kanopy Streaming Video”  A resource available only to University of Redlands students, faculty, and staff.  The link takes you to the library database page.  Log in with your university credentials and search the video library, using search terms that I shall provide.

Slide Shows (mostly PDFs, some with notes):