Film Reports

For this assignment, you will review one ethnographic film/video, chosen from the Kanopy Streaming Video collection, available through the Armacost Library.  (That collection has a poorly designed search system, so I shall give you some tricks that will give you a large number of choices.)

Based on this film:

  • You will make a 6-minute-and-40-second oral illustrated PechaKucha presentation to the class.
  • You will also submit a written review of 5-6 pages (1250-1500 words).

In these reviews and presentations, you should:

  1. Summarize the film/video, so that we know its topic and its general approach.
  2. Identify the author and describe her or his apparent intention in making the piece.
  3. Characterize the author’s visual approach, showing how it does or does not support this apparent intention.
  4. Identify the story that the author is telling.
  5. Consider alternative approaches that the author might have used, both visual and narrative.
  6. Describe any cultural assumptions and/or messages that you can identify in the work.
  7. Determine whether the author is aware of these assumptions and, if so, how s/he has dealt with them.
  8. Identify any reflexive elements you find in the piece. Describe how these shape the overall impact the film / video produces.

Be sure to reserve your film by submitting this form on or before the date listed on the Course Schedule.