Final Exam

Yes, there will be a final exam, covering the course’s intellectual content.  It will consist of several essays.  You will have some choice about the questions you answer, though that choice will not be infinite.  The exam will take place on Thursday, during the final week of class.

You will have three hours to complete the exam, though typical students can finish it in two.  If  you take much less time than that, you are probably not writing enough.

As the point of an exam is to get you to pull your knowledge together, I encourage you to study in groups.  I suggest that you help each other understand such things as:

  • The history of ethnography
  • Core issues of ethnographic representation
  • The use of photography and film as a research tool
  • The nature and importance of critical discourse analysis
  • Issues of ethnographic story-telling

You should also be able to compare some of the ethnographic films we will be seeing, for their techniques, for their ability to represent their subject accurately, and for their reflexivity.

I shall post a study guide a few days before the exam.