PechaKucha is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (six minutes and 40 seconds in total); these slides auto-advance behind the speaker, who speaks directly to the audience.   The format keeps presentations concise and fast-paced.  It also engages the audience as few other presentation styles can.

Here are the rules for the full presentation version:

  • Your presentation will last exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
  • Your presentation will use PowerPoint, because Keynote and Google Presentations are harder to time accurately. Submit your slides in advance on Moodle, so we don’t waste time loading them to the classroom desktop.
  • You will use 20 slides plus a title slide. No more, no less. Period.
  • Each slide except the title slide must be set to auto-advance after 20 seconds. No clickers, no exceptions.
  • Your presentation must follow the 1/1/5 rule:
    • You must have at least one image per slide;
    • You can use each exact image only once;
    • You should add no more than five words per slide.

You will use images that you have taken yourself for the field trip presentations.  You will film stills – taken by screen capture – for the film reviews.

You should not attempt tell us everything that you might say in a written paper nor explain every nuance of your argument. Instead, you should be looking to give us an overview of the project and highlighting its particular strengths. When designing the presentation, think SHORT, INFORMAL, and CREATIVE.

Click HERE to download a written guide.

The “Cultures of Disneyland” Presentation and the Film Reports will use the full PechaKucha format, above.

Our First & Second Field Trip Presentations will use a Mini-PechaKucha format.  This allows you 10 slides in place of 20; all other aspects of the format are the same.

The above description is modified from Ryan Cordell’s PechaKucha assignment for his “Deep Mapping” course at Northeastern University.  You can find more information about the PechaKucha presentation format HERE.